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The Campaign Trail
Young Democrats Hold State Convention In Chapel Hill PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Friday, 27 March 2015 05:46

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Young Democrats will converge on Chapel Hill this weekend for the group's state convention.

"This history of Chapel Hill, Orange County, and UNC is unique and immense – but the progressive future of our state is coming to a reality in Chapel Hill. Therefore, it is more than fitting for the progressive youth movement of North Carolina to convene in Chapel Hill to train, develop, and fellowship where so many changing movements in North Carolina’s history began," reads a posting on the state Democratic Party's website.

Democrats are trying to regain the power they've lost in North Carolina over the past four years, when voters gave Republicans majorities in both chambers of the legislature, as well as the governor's office.

The 2016 presents an opportunity for Democrats to gain back seats, and to deliver the state to the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. With election maps unfavorable to Democrats, statewide offices are seen as a prime opportunity.

Meredith College Report: North Carolina Needs More Women In Politics PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 25 March 2015 05:43

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - More women are needed in North Carolina politics according to a research paper released by Meredith College and authored by Visiting Professor David McLennan. While women make up over 54 percent of registered voters, they hold less than 25 percent of all appointed and elected offices, the report says.

Key findings:

-- In the 28 most competitive 2014 political races across North Carolina, women raised nearly 30 percent more funds then men.

-- In 44 counties, no women serve as county commissioners.

-- Women hold less than 20 percent of elected positions with taxing and spending authority in North Carolina

-- In 2014, 25 percent of the candidates were women and 63 percent won.

The entire report can be found at meredith.edu


Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Will Run For President PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Monday, 23 March 2015 05:20

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Conservative Republican Sen. Ted Cruz announced via Twitter that he will see the Republican Party's nomination for president. He will make the in-person announcement at a speech Monday at Liberty University.

Cruz was elected to the Senate by Texas voters in 2012. He is a favorite of the Tea Party movement.

Cruz is relatively new on the political scene, and that could work in his favor with likely Republican voters. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows 64 percent of likely GOP 2016 voters think their needs a fresh face as its presidential candidate.

The same sentiment is brewing in the Demcratic Party, according to Rasmussen, which says more than half of Democratic likely voters want someone new.

Hillary Clinton is considered the favorite to win the Demcratic Party's nomination.

N.C. Democrats Ask For Help To Canvass For Those Who Need Free Photo I.D. To Vote PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Friday, 20 March 2015 04:54

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - The North Carolina Democratic Party is asking the party faithful to help make sure Democrats have a photo I.D. to meet the new state law's requirement to vote in 2016. In an email under the signature of Matt Hughes, County Chairs Association, Hughes rallied the troops.

"The North Carolina Democratic Party needs our help.  We will begin calling and canvassing over 100,000 identified registered Democrats who may need a government issued ID in order to vote in the 2016 elections, and volunteers are needed!

County Parties and their Chairs from across the state will be organizing mass phone banks and canvasses so that these identified voters are contacted and reminded to obtain an ID.  Click here to sign up to volunteer.

We will begin outreach efforts within the next two weeks.  If you can spare an hour or two, or more, you will help make a difference.  Click here to volunteer.

Every vote matters.  Help us make sure these 100,000 plus Democrats are allowed to make their vote matter.

Democratically Yours,

Matt Hughes, President
County Chairs Association"

Last Updated on Friday, 20 March 2015 04:55

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