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The Campaign Trail
N.C. Democrats Seek Applicants For Campaign Strategy Fellowship PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 05:02

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - In an effort to train the next generation of political campaign strategists and field operatives, state Democrats are seeking applicants for the new slate of Good win Fellows.

"Being a Goodwin Fellow prepares students and young adults an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of political campaigns, business operations, communications strategy, and state-of-the-art data tools used in the field," according to an email from the state party.  

"Goodwin Fellows will be trained by recognized leaders in the North Carolina Democratic Party and will have several opportunities to meet elected officials across the state."

Interested applicants can find out more at http://www.ncdp.org/internship or by sending a resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

N.C. GOP Executive Director Todd Poole Resigns PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 11 August 2015 05:37

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Todd Poole is leaving his post as executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party, he announced Monday.

Poole has led the operations of the party for more than two years. He will leave at the end of the month.

Poole's resignation comes as a new chairman has taken control of the party. Hasan Harnett was elected chairman earlier this year in a surprise win over a candidated endorsed by party leaders.

Poole said in his statement that he is proud of his work but feels it is time to "turn over the reins to someone new with plenty of lead time before the next election."

Statement By Vice President Biden On 50th Anniversary Of Voting Rights Act PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Monday, 10 August 2015 05:32

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Vice President Biden released the following statement to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the federal Voting Rights Act.


"Our task to protect the fundamental right to vote is as critical today as it was fifty years ago when Dr. King stood in the White House as President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law.

Dr. King wrote, "Voting is the foundation stone for political action.” Voting is the engine that drives all civil rights, all human rights, and all economic rights in this country. It’s the right from which all other rights flow.

That’s why Medgar Evers, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bob Moses, and young people like James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner risked everything in the hot summer of 1964 to register voters in the state of Mississippi—and countless other heroes marched in communities across the country to ensure every eligible person could exercise his or her most basic right of citizenship.

The desire for that voice is what inspired 600 courageous young people, including my friend John Lewis, to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, straight into the belly of hell. It inspired a nationwide movement that brought the Voting Rights Act to President Johnson’s desk 50 years ago today.

And it’s why we remain committed to using every tool at our disposal and every fiber of our being to protect this fundamental right, as we did in Texas when a federal court struck down one of the most pernicious anti-voting laws in the country.

The legacy of the Voting Rights Act is not fulfilled until we break down the barriers designed to silence our fellow citizens.

And so on this day and every day, I salute generations of marchers for justice who continue this fight to ensure that most fundamental American act: to vote."

Progressive Environmental Group's Ad Campaign Targets Sen. Richard Burr PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Friday, 31 July 2015 05:51

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Convention wisdom says he will easily win re-election, but that doesn't mean progressives are ignoring Sen. Richard Burr's re-election campaign.

The League of Conservation Voters is airing two ads about EPA regulations on coal-burning power plants that accuse the senator of supporting “unlimited carbon pollution."

The Associated Press reports the ad campaign will run three weeks.


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