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State Government
Department of Public Safety Wins National Technology Award PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Friday, 03 October 2014 07:48

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - The Department of Public Safety has been honored for its use of technology to promote innovation and foster better government. 

The National Association of Chief Information Officers selected DPS's Electronic Rounds Tracking System as best in the country for a data, information, and knowledge management initiative.
According to DPS, the Electronic Rounds Tracking System transitioned a pen and paper process for recording observations of inmates to a more accurate and efficient recording system using mobile technology.  
“The electronic rounds tracking system puts technology in the hands of our correctional officers so they can more effectively and accurately document inmate behaviors and actions,” said Frank L. Perry, Department of Public Safety secretary, in a statement.  
“This use of technology advances the department forward in efficiency, safety and proper inmate management. It also provides a tool to managers to better analyze inmate patterns and respond to potential issues in our prison facilities.”
Last Updated on Friday, 03 October 2014 07:48
New Issue Of Labor Ledger Features "Deadly Mistakes" Column On Carbon Monoxide PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Friday, 03 October 2014 07:43


RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - The North Carolina Department of Labor has published the September/October issue of the Labor Ledger. Among the features is a "Deadly Mistakes" column about carbon monoxide.
The issue can be accessed at http://www.nclabor.com/news/ledger/14Sept_Oct.pdf
Other articles in the issue include:
-- Carolina Star Safety Conference
-- new safety partnership with Skanska
-- Building Star recertification
-- additional E-Verify webinar sessions
-- new SHARP company
-- "Workplace Worries" column on disabled worker certification
Nominations Of State Employees Being Accepted For Prestigious John R. Larkins Award PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 01 October 2014 13:58

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Nominations are being accepted for the prestigious John R. Larkins Award, which honors state employees who exemplify the work of Dr. John Rodman Larkins and his pioneering race relations work in state government.

Nominations are due November 15 and must include:
-- A narrative describing how an action or event by the nominee improved human and race relations at work or in the community. 
-- The nominator's relationship to nominee. 
-- Supporting documents from colleagues, community leaders, etc. 
"The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day program would not be complete without the presentation of the John R. Larkins award," Governor Pat McCrory said in a statement. "The award serves not only to honor some of our best and most valuable state employees, but also to keep alive the legacy of Dr. Larkins’ pioneering work and groundbreaking contributions to our state." 
Larkins was born December 24, 1913 in Wilmington, where he attended public school and graduated from Williston High School. He worked paving roads and in the garment industry in New York City. He was a welfare worker in Warren County and, in 1942, became a consultant for the North Carolina Department of Public Welfare (later named the Department of Human Resources), a position he held until 1962, when he became the coordinator of the Department. From 1963 to 1973, he served as associate director of the State Probation Commission; as the director of youth development at the Department of Corrections from 1973-74; and was appointed special assistant to the governor for minority affairs in 1977, serving until his death in 1980.   
He was the author of several articles that explore race, community, leadership and sociology. He taught part-time at St. Augustine’s College and Shaw University, served on several sociological associations, and received numerous honors for his contributions to our state and nation through human and race relations and the understanding of sociology. 
Nominations should be submitted at http://www.governor.state.nc.us/john-r-larkins-nomination-2015
Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 October 2014 13:58
HHS: Infant Mortality Rate Ties Lowest In State History PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 14:06

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - North Carolina's Infant Mortality Rate for 2013 was 7.0 per 1,000 live births, tying 2010 as the lowest in North Carolina's history. The data was released Tuesday by the state Department of Health and Human Services.

Hispanic and African American non-Hispanic populations showed the largest decreases -- 11.9 percent and 10.1 percent, respectively, the agency said. 
The African American non-Hispanic infant mortality rate of 12.5 per 1,000 births is the lowest in the state's history. 
Despite the improvement, the African American non-Hispanic population has an infant mortality rate 2.3 times higher than the White non-Hispanic population.
Deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) continued to decline, down 18 percent since 2012 and 54 percent since 2011.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 September 2014 14:08

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