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Suspended DA Cline Sticks To Her Accusations That Judge Hudson Is Biased PDF Print E-mail
Local Government
By Administrator   
Saturday, 25 February 2012 07:32

RALEIGH - Suspended Durham District Attorney Tracey Cline did not back away from her accusations that Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson is a biased, unfair judge during testimony in a hearing that could result in her removal from office.

Cline is facing charges of of unprofessional conduct that has brought disrepute on the District Attorney's Office. The complaint that led to Cline's suspension is Durham attorney Kerry Sutton. Based on the evidence that accompanied the complaint, Judge Robert Hobgood suspended Cline from her office pending the outcome of this hearing.

In motions filed before the court, Cline has requested Hudson be removed from certain cases attacking the judge's alleged lack of objectivity. Cline told Judge Robert Hobgood that she regretted some of the language used in the motions. The language Cline used against Hudson was, indeed, harsh. She characterized his rulings as judicial rape and accused Hudson as being "a rapist of people."

But she did not back down from her fundamental accusations "What I recorded in those motions was absolutely true," Cline testified reiterating that her actions in challenging judge Hudson was proper.

However, two judges who considered Cline's motions disagreed.

Asked directly whether her conduct was prejudicial and brought disrepute, Cline replied, "Absolutely not, and I would not do that."

Cline's was questioned by her attorney James Van Camp of Pinehurst. She will be cross examined when the hearing continues on Monday.

Before her testimony, Hobgood denied several motions by Cline's to suspend the inquiry because of the vagueness of the law and that she had been denied due process.

The judge has yet to rule on a motion that Cline's statements are protected by the First Amendment.

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