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Federal Government
Gov. McCrory Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Block Federal Power Plan PDF Print E-mail
Federal Government
By Administrator   
Thursday, 28 January 2016 06:14

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - It will raise the cost of energy. That's a key reason Gov. Pat McCrory has joined 28 other states in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the Environmental Protection Agency’s "Clean Power Plan" while a legal challenge makes its way through the lower courts.
According to the governor's news release, estimatese says that energy bills would go oup by 22 percent in 2020 if the plan is implemented.

President Barack Obama is a champion of the plan, which he says is key to controlling greenhouse gas emissions.
“The federal government admits that the federal power plan would have very little if any impact on climate change,” said Secretary Donald R. van der Vaart of the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality in the news release.

States opposed to the president's plan had hoped the Court of Appeals would sto

GAO: Postal Service's Financial Condition Continues To Deteriorate PDF Print E-mail
Federal Government
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 27 January 2016 06:49

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - First class mail continues to  decline in volume while expenses continue to grow, and those trends are driving a deterioration of the U.S. Postal Service's financial condition.

The conclusion comes from a new Government Accountability Office report.

"Congress faces difficult choices and tradeoffs to address USPS's financial challenges," the report summary reads. "The status quo is not sustainable. Considerations for Congress include the (1) level of postal services provided to the public and the affordability of those services, (2) compensation and benefits for USPS employees and retirees in an environment of revenue pressures, and (3) tension between USPS's dual roles as an independent establishment of the executive branch required to provide universal delivery service and as a self-financing entity operating in a businesslike manner."

Read the full GAO report at gao.gov.

Closed For Business: Federal Government Offices Remain Closed Due To Blizzard PDF Print E-mail
Federal Government
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 06:31

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Washington D.C. is struggling to get back to normal following last week's blizzard, but not enough progress has been made to warrant opening federal government offices in the city. That decision came from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The policy for federal workers is posted below and can be found at opm.gov.

Non-emergency employees will be granted excused absence (administrative leave) for the number of hours they were scheduled to work unless they are:

    required to telework,
    on official travel outside of the Washington, DC area,
    on pre-approved leave (including leave without pay), or
    on an alternative work schedule (AWS) day off.

Telework-Ready Employees who are scheduled to perform telework on the effective day of the announcement or who are required to perform telework on a day when Federal offices are closed must telework the entire workday or request leave, or a combination of both, in accordance with their agency's policies and procedures, subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements (as consistent with law).

Emergency Employees are expected to report to their worksite unless otherwise directed by their agencies.

Corps of Engineers Overseeing Project To Reduce U.S. Military Environmental Footprint in Afghanistan PDF Print E-mail
Federal Government
By Administrator   
Monday, 25 January 2016 06:40

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - More than 850 structures have been removed by the team working to reduce the U.S. military's physical footprint in Afghanistan following years of conflict with the Taliban.

The January issue of "The Corps Environment," published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, reports removal of defensive barriers, demolition and miscellaneous debris, scrap metal and wood, wire and cable, and florescent lights.

The Huntsville, Alabama based Engineering and Support Center is managing the project at more than 60 U.S. military camps and bases in the country.

The full story can be found at http://www.usace.army.mil/Portals/2/docs/Environmental/Corps_Environment/The_Corps_Environment_January_2016.pdf


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