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John Edwards still looking at his reflection PDF Print E-mail
Barlow's Beat
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 23:00

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Narcissus was the beautiful Greek hunter who saw his reflection in a pond and fatally fell in love with himself. North Carolina’s John Edwards did the same thing in his quick climb to power.

He fell in love with his media image and the power and the attention that engulfed him in his brush with presidential politics.  

Apparently, he still hasn’t broken off the affair with that reflection.

The former Democratic U.S. Senator has decided that he and his legal team can successfully defend him against a federal indictment for campaign finance corruption. He reportedly turned down a plea bargain.

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on television. But I have been a jury foreman in two criminal cases, and I’ve been impressed both times at the common sense of my fellow jurors.

Mr. Edwards, who once made millions depending on such jurors, seems to have forgotten about a jury’s common sense and its ability to see through fancy legal arguments.

Robert Bennett is a Washington lawyer and a good one. President Clinton hired him as did former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.  Mr. Bennett knows nothing about the case other than what he has read or heard in the media. But he knows enough to say that he would not want to take Mr. Edwards’ case to a jury.

I agree.

Mr. Edwards continues to be blind to the depth of his disgrace with the American people. He and his lawyers can make a good legal argument, but every juror, unless he or she has recently immigrated from the Moon, will see a lying cheat and reprehensible husband and father sitting in his seat.

Common sense will tell them that the gifts he solicited and received from two wealthy, political supporters were used to save not his marriage but his campaign for president. In effect, the hundreds of thousands of dollars were campaign contributions that broke the law.

Mr. Edwards, if his behavior weren’t so unseemly, would be a tragic figure.  The public knows his story. His political career is finished. His trial, if he doesn’t reach a plea bargain, will be as exciting as a Paris Hilton sex tape that’s been watched 99 times.  

He doesn’t deserve nor should he get the headlines and television coverage that still surrounds him. Because he cannot take his eyes off his own image, he should not expect us to be interested in watching.

John Edwards is old and tired news.

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